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November 23, 2020:  Happy Thanksgiving!  
We will be closed Thursday to celebrate with our families. It is also a shipping holiday so expect corresponding shipping times.
Sales continue to be fantastic and partners running advertising and sales are doing extremely well.
Many of our partners sell 25-40% of their yearly sales in the next 30 days!!
App orders are being shipped in 1-3 business days.  Manual submissions and other orders with issues are being processed in 3-5 business days.
Best sellers this week continue to reflect more holiday season buying.  In order by volume:
1). Flavored Sample Pack
2). Holiday/Christmas Blend
3). Best Selling Sample Pack
4). Pumpkin Spice (tie) Cowboy
5). Bali
6). Single Origin Sample 
If you aren't already selling them, these are great additions to your holiday specials.
All products and packaging are in stock.  
New COVID19 restrictions are in effect for all of California but we remain compliant and open.
As expected, USPS has announced a shipping cost increase for next year.  We received notice from our bag supplier that there would also be a price increase on Jan 15th, minimum wage goes up on Jan 1st.  We plan on maintaining our current pricing through Q1 2021 but this will require the help of all of our partners.  
Please be sure you are accurately submitting orders.  
Remember our app is very intentionally simple and accurate.  It only recognizes exact skus.  Once an order with a sku is identified, an order is triggered.  Your card on file is charged and it is added to the queue for shipping to be created.  Each afternoon, we process and add shipping to the next day's  orders that will be roasted and filled.  At that time, bag labels are printed.  If you do not have a label on file, you order is placed on hold.  It cannot ship until all labels required for the order are printed.  (there is not nor will there be a process to notify you if you fail to assign a label to the sku sold.  Please only sell items that have approved labels on file.  This is your side of the partnership).  If you have an order that has not shipped, be sure your card was charged, that you have labels on file for ALL products sold and only then send us an inquiry.
Below are some basic shipping deadlines.  Be sure you add in our processing time (3-5) business days when creating a last minute buying reminder for your customers.

We hope listing out these dates helps as you navigate through the rest of the 2020 holiday season. Here are the last days to ship per carrier in order for items to arrive by Christmas Eve.  Please remember to add in time for us to process and roast your orders when you are considering your website/customer info.

For delivery by Christmas Eve, December 24:




USPS 1st Class - Thursday, December 17, 2020

USPS Priority Mail - Saturday, December 19, 2020






UPS Ground - Tuesday, December 15, 2020

November 16,2020:  What an incredible week we had.  Order volumes continue to rise and we welcomed 27 new partners.  
All products and packaging are in stock.
Best sellers this week were (in order):
Flavored Sample Pack
Best Selling Sample Pack
Bali Blue
Single Origin Sample Pack
Pumpkin Spice/Holiday Blend
We have been working with our farmers to be sure coffee will remain in stock.  Colombia, Uganda and Costa Rica are all experiencing issues related to COVID closures and travel restrictions.  We have been able to float lots from our regular business to cover but we expect this to be an issue until production is able to return to normal (2021/2022 harvest we hope).
Orders are being processed and shipped in 2-3 business days.  Remember to only sell products that you have an approved label on file for.  
We continue to have partners ask about orders placed before they converted to the app.  We no longer have access to your Shopify stores.  If you have an order that was placed after Nov. 1 or if you are a low volume store and did not notify us of the order, the fastest way to get it fulfilled is to create a new app compliant order and be sure it is recognized. (orders tab in the app).
Have a great week!!
November 9,2020:  Sales continue to increase.  The holiday shopping season is certainly here.  
Top sellers last week were:  Flavored Samples, Single Origin Samples, Cowboy, Holiday/Christmas Blend followed by Pumpkin spice and Bali. 
Whiskey Barrel Aged is selling very well and we are further expanding capacity.
Be sure to get your direct ship orders in early if you have events planned.  UPS and USPS are expecting shipping delays from now until Dec. 26th and of course time from order to ship will increase as well.
App. orders are shipping in 2-3 business days and Direct Ship orders are running 3-4 business days.
All products and packaging is in stock.  There are some projected shortages of white bags but we working on alternative suppliers.
The only current issue in the app is orders not being shippable due to missing labels.  Please be sure you are only selling SKUs that have labels on file.
Have a great week!
November 2, 2020:  Welcome to the holiday season!
SSS (same store sales) are up on average 96% over last year!!  This year is going to be big for online coffee sales.  Be sure to position your ad campaigns to take advantage of the early shopping trend.
Top sellers last week (in order):  Flavored Samples, Best Selling Samples, Single Origin Samples, Bali Blue, Pumpkin Spice, and Cowboy.  If they fit your niche, a good idea to have all of these in your offering list.
Conversion to the app is complete and all orders are being processed by the app. 
A few Reminders:
Orders are continually processed - in the order paid.  If your payment didn't process, we did not get the order.
The #1 reason orders are delayed is them not having a label assigned.  Please only sell items that you have an approved label on file and assigned.  Without a label, the order can't ship.
Please send all orders related questions and direct ship orders to orders@temeculacoffeeroasters.com.
Orders are being shipped in 2-4 business days.
Enjoy your week!!
October 26, 2020:  All product and packaging is in stock.  App orders are being fulfilled in 2-4 business days.  Non-app orders are running 3-5 days.  Remember this is the last week of non-app orders.  Be sure your store is converted if you want to keep selling.
Top sellers this week were (in order):  Flavored Samples, Best Selling Samples, Single Origin Samples, Pumpkin Spice, and Bali.  Tied for #6 were Cowboy, Turtle and 6 Bean.
Have a great week!
October 19, 2020:   On October 18th, USPS implemented its holiday surcharge on all 1st class and Priority Packages.  The result is a price increase on average of about $0.20/12 oz bag.  This means there will not be a holiday discount or volume discount of any kind.  Sorry.  We will do our best to keep your price level until at least the 1st of the year.  Coffee prices are also up 18.4%, so this may prove impossible.  We expect the increased efficiency from the app to help offset some of these increases in costs.  This means you need to help us by ensuring your stores are correctly set up and issues are kept to a minimum.  Remember that the last manual fulfillment of orders (old style) will be on October 29th @ 5:00 P.M. If you have not already started installing and using the app, it's time.
Best sellers last week were (in order):  Flavored samples, Best Selling Samples, Single Origin Samples, Pumpkin Spice, and Bali.  If you are not offering sample sets yet, consider it.  Flavored Samples #1 outsold Bali (#5) by 5:1....
All bag styles and coffees are in stock.
App orders are being fulfilled in 2-3 Businsess days.  Non-App.  3-5.  Shipping pickups are still inconsistent but all orders are shipping within our normal windows.
The #1 reason for delayed orders remains sales made without labels on file.  Before sending us a note asking why your order has not shipped, please check to be sure the sku you sold has an approved label assigned.  Orders without assigned labels cannot ship and will be held until a label is available (every bag needs a label fo course).
Thanks and have a great week.  It is a great time to be selling coffee online.
October 10, 2020:  Quick reminder that Monday 10/12 is a USPS Holiday.  We will still be working but you will see delays on the shipping side.  Thanks to all of our partners who have completed the app transition.  Be sure you are totally converted and set up by Nov. 1st.  We will stop processing non-app orders on 10/29 @ 17:00 Pacific.  
All products and package styles are in stock.  App orders are being filled in 2-3 business days.  Non-app = 3-4 business days.  USPS Shipping delay expected this week.  UPS continues to be slower than usual (4-5 business days).  Direct ship orders should be scheduled well in advance and count on 2 weeks+ from order to delivery. 
Holiday sales are expected to be 25-35% higher this year as compared to last.  Plan ahead to take advantage of an earlier, longer holiday shopping season as people are aware that shortages in supply will have a huge impact on this years gift availability.
October 2, 2020:  Congrats to all of our stores and their huge national coffee day sales.  Tuesday broke our record for number of bags sold in a single day.  This is going to be a great Holiday Season!!
App News.  The app stood up to the volume test well.  The sample sets are now available and last week they were the #1,2 and 3 top sellers.  Pumpkin Spice and Cowboy completed the top 5.
Almost all of our stores have converted to the app and a few reminders:  Be sure you have a label on file for every sku you are selling.  The no. 1 reason orders are being delayed is you selling an item with no label attached to the sku.  If you see an order that has been processed but not shipped, be sure to check this before contacting us.  
All products and packaging are in stock.  App ship times - 2-3 business days - Non-App - 3-4.
Have a great week!
September 28, 2020:  Account reminder.  Please remember that if you have not converted to the app, you have until the 1st of November.  Due to the large number of accounts past due and in default, we must strictly enforce our policy.  Invoices are due upon receipt, late at 3 days and service is suspended at 7 days.  If you account is suspended for non-payment, you will need to convert to the app. (prepayment) before service will be reactivated.  Also remember that if you have not had a sale in 30 days, you are considered inactive and will need to notify us when you have an order.  On a more positive note, all of the holiday offerings are available and whiskey barrel ages is selling like crazy!  Se have more whiskey barrels coming in this week to ensure a steady supply.   
Order fulfillment:  We have initiated continuous fulfillment.  This means as soon as there is capacity, orders are processed.  No more waiting until Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday nights for orders to be processed.  App orders are being shipped in 1-3 business days, non-app in 3-4.  
September 24, 2020: App. Update:  All functions are working well and we are accepting new stores from the queue.  We are running a bit faster than expected with orders shipping within 1-2 days (3-5 is norm)  Sample sets will be added in the next few days.  They will mirror our commercial samples with your 3x5 label on the outer bag.  Shipping:  USPS is struggling to keep up with our volume.  Our local carriers are doing an amazing job and are picking up twice a day again (when they can) but we are often still carrying a pallet or more over to the next day.  Plan on +1 for shipping times for the near future.  UPS is still at +1 or +2 over 'normal'.   Direct Ship line is scheduled out 3 business days(normal is 3-5), for commercial orders expect 2 weeks from order payment to delivery.   Bag supplies continue to be tight - no current outages.  All coffee and bags are in stock.  Sales remain robust with sales up 161% over last year for the average partner's store.
September 13, 2020:  App. is functioning well and we have updated to 'set up version 1.1'.  Thanks for sharing all of your input.  We have invited most of our current partners to begin the transition.  Whiskey Barrel coffee is now available to all of our dropship partners and is selling very well.  New half/caf. is also catching on.  We expect a huge year over year increase in demand for the holidays and now is the perfect time to get your marketing plans set up and to add in those new offerings to create excitement.  All products and packaging is currently in stock.
September 10, 2020:  Beta testing is going well and we will start processing initial orders on Friday 9/11 and Monday 9/14.  Assuming all goes well, we will begin regular continuous processing of all app based orders on Monday 9/14.  Current order to ship times across platforms is 2-3 business days.
September 6, 2020:  The Q4 price list is available.  Some new offerings and our app based pricing is reflected. The app price includes shipping and drop ship fees.  It is truly an all in price and is reflective of the average of COGS for the last 12 months.  We know there will be price volatility as many farms will not be able to fulfill their contracts.  We will do our best to keep prices stable and source great coffees while the impacts of COVID 19 on the coffee world begin to hit the market.
September 5, 2020:  We need more Beta testers.  If you are ready to launch/convert your store, contact us and we will forward the app. link and beta info.  We are waiving the label review fees for all who participate. We need 25 more for this group.  It's your chance to move up the queue...and help work out any issues of course.
September 1, 2020:  The launch of the official TCR app is underway.  A link to the app will be added here as soon as Beta Testing is complete.  This new processing feature will allow us to resume adding partners, continue to expand our offerings and maintain the very low pricing necessary to make this program work.
Other changes will include:  Higher quality label printers, continuous order fulfillment, shipping included and payment at time of order processing (no more bi-monthly invoicing).  
August 26, 2020:  The shortage of 12oz side gusseted bags continues. Containers are arriving and clearing customs but the current increase in demand and COVID 19 restrictions have slowed the valve application process which has changed delivery times from 3-4 days to 2-3 weeks with intermittent unavailability.  Expect substitutions (16oz zipper pouch) starting as soon as September 1st.
August 1st, 2020:  The Q4 offering list is just about ready.  We will post here around Sept 1st.  The new price will be mostly unchanged, some new offerings and a modification as the new app will include shipping in the price paid.  More info to come as we go live with the new order processing app.
July 29th, 2020  The latest more strict COVID 19 guidance is further limiting our order processing ability and most non-system orders will not be possible until further notice.  We continue to develop the APP to offset some of this human requirement and will update further once the app is ready for launch - planned Jan 1 and accelerated to Beta testing around Sept 1 if all goes well.
July 15th, 2020:  New Covid Restrictions from the state of CA have further limited our production and order processing staff.  Our new roasting line is on-line and will  compensate.  At this time, we are pausing adding new partners and freezing all existing stores.  No changes until we can complete the app and migrate to it.
July 1st, 2020:   Demand continues to be very high.  Congratulations!  We are starting to see Covid 19 impacts at origin and many farmers will struggle this year to get harvests to the mill and many mills are not operational.  We are working diligently to support our farms and source coffee to continue to meet the demand.  We do expect price increases as soon as the 1st of the year.  

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