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Dropship Partner Page - Updates and Latest News.

January 17, 2023


Happy Tuesday Dropship Partners!


Just a few things:


  • Please be sure you do not list or sell any products until you have a label on file and approved.  If you receive a notice that an order has been received without a label, please be sure to reply with the label # you want to use for that order.  An order with a missing label cannot be shipped until we receive the label # for it.


  • Bryan is traveling this week, so no Thursday ZOOM.


  • January’s all partner ZOOM call is on January 25th @ 09:00 (Pacific Time).  Be sure to request the invite prior to the meeting.  We are still keeping these private for security/privacy reasons.  The meeting will include:

    1. Supply Chain Update

    2. Yearly TCR overview and discussion of why we do what we do and how you can leverage that in your own stores.  Why, How, What.

    3. Part 2 of Coffee Roasting/Credibility

    4. Sustainability Update

    5. Q&A Time


SSS are up 15.6% over last year

Top selling product size last week - 12oz

Grind type - Drip Ground


Best selling products - this does not mean these products are a good fit for your store but is an indicator of how many of our stores are selling them


1-3) Sample Sets

4) 6 Bean

5) Bali

6) Cold Brew 

7) Cowboy

8) French Vanilla

9) Uganda 

10) Breakfast Blend


All products and packaging are in stock


All lines are running ahead of expected with most orders shipping in 1-2 business days.

February Coffee of the Month:



REGION: Huehuetenango 


FARM: Single Estate 

Mario Roberto Sosa was born in 1927 and began working at the age of 12. When he was 20, he purchased a truck and started a local transportation business before marrying Raquel Lopez and raising 7 sons. 


Mario and Raquel began growing coffee in 1966 and in 1972 established Los Laureles II. They planted the farm with traditional cultivars for the area- Pache, Caturra, and Bourbon. Maragogype and Gesha were added and most recently, Anacafe and Marsellesa have been planted alongside avocado. These crops have unique flavor and characteristics which means a more diverse range of buyers interested in the coffee. 


At 95, Mario is still very much on the farm, supervising the care of the trees and the harvest with the support of his sons. 

CUPPING NOTES: Green Apple, Lemon, Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Roasted Almond, Toffee, and Vanilla. 

Score: 83.67


Have a great week!!

January 13, 2022


We are still seeing isolated communication issues with the TCR app.  It is related to permission to "push" status and tracking to your store.  Our developer is working on it as we speak.  This does not impact actual order processing and the status in the app 'orders' tab is accurate.


Monday January 16th is a shipping holiday so expect orders received today to be roast/packed and shipped on Tuesday the 17th.  This will reflect 1 business day service (faster than normal but will feel slower).  Our staff will also be off in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so email communications will reflect this as well.

Have a great weekend!



January 11, 2023


Thanks to all of our partners who successfully updated their settings to comply with the privacy/Shopify update last week. 


Sales continue to be strong and we are seeing SSS @ +18.4% over 2022.


All lines are currently running at maximum efficiency and we are processing orders in 1-3 business days.


All products and packaging are in stock.


Best sellers:


1)-3) Sample sets

4) Breakfast Blend

5) Cowboy

6) Christmas

7) 6 Bean

8) Hazelnut

9) Cold Brew

10) Whiskey Barrel

Most common:

Size -12oz

Grind Type - Drip

Average Dropship order size: $28.32

Average Direct ship order size: $406.55


Regular Q&A ZOOM on Thursday @ 1:00 Pacific if you have any questions or need help.

We are welcoming 43 new stores this week and if you are one of them, Welcome Aboard and hope to see you on Thursday to help with any setup needs.


Have a great week!!

January 6, 2023

Good morning Dropship partners.

Thanks to all of the stores who have performed the location update in their store to allow us to continue to update tracking and fulfillment status.


We have discovered an additional step necessary as this change will have modified your ship from address and shipping rules need to be established for this location in order for customers to be able to complete check out.


From your Shopify store's main menu.

Click on the >settings 'gear'

Click on >Shipping and Delivery

The first section is Shipping and General Shipping Rates click >Manage

Scroll to the bottom and you will see "not shipping from"

TCR Fulfillment will be listed - click > add rates

Click >Use Same Rates as (your existing location) or create the shipping rules that will control if and how much your customers pay for shipping - remember you cost ot ship (except international orders) is included in you dropship coffee costs. This only impacts how much you charge your customer.

Click >Done


You will now see TCR Fulfillment under your Shipping From 


**Be sure to click >SAVE to save the change**


We apologize for the second update, just know that we are responding to Shopify's requirements and will keep you up to date as they also continue to respond to privacy, legislative requirements and new protocols.


Please be sure to complete the update as soon as you can to ensure your store's ability to accept orders and our ability to keep your customers informed on order status.


Below is a copy of the original email and process to implement the change in the event you missed it or have not completed it.






January 4, 2023



We hope you had a great holiday season!

We are starting this year off with fantastic demand for coffee and of course a couple of changes.

The first and most important is a:



Shopify has required us to do an update in the app that will impact all stores.

Please follow the following carefully to ensure that we can continue to push info into your Shopify store.  This impacts fulfillment status and tracking.  This impacts all stores.


Log into your TCR app.  Accept the new terms and conditions (you may have  done this previously as the update already took place).


In your Shopify store we need you to make the following changes.

Go to >Products, >Inventory and select [ ] all products and if applicable use the select all 50+products

At the bottom of the screen a dialogue box will pop up.

Select >Edit Products

Use the COLUMNS button and be sure you have checked  [ ] Continue Selling When Out and [ ] Stocked at.  This will add those 2 columns to the display.

Then for each product, be sure the box for ‘Continue Selling When Out’ is checked.

Under Stocked at, use the arrows to scroll to TCR Fulfillment.


Be sure to SAVE your changes.


This will allow us to continue to automatically update fulfillment status and tracking in your Shopify store.  If you fail to do this, orders will still be processed but the fulfillment status and tracking will only be available in the app.


Now back to the normal weekly info:


All products and packaging are in stock.


All lines are operating extremely efficiently and order time to fulfillment is 1-2 business days.


This is great for customer service but also means that if you need to modify an address or order that you only have a couple of hours to do so.  Be sure to send requests as soon as you are aware as once an order is created and tracking is attached, changes cannot be made and orders cannot be cancelled.


We are still working on the updated web site that will include the latest farm info but we want you to be aware of the new organics so you can begin marketing as such.

Your regional profiles still apply with the following origins now being organic.

Colombia, Peru (both reg and decaf), Ethiopia, Honduras, Bali, Mexico, Nicaragua, PNG, and Uganda.


Compostable bags are selling well and we recommend them for any store that can benefit from the added sustainability messaging.


Best sellers this past week.  Excluding Sample Sets.


  1. Cowboy

  2. Christmas Blend

  3. Bali

  4. 6Bean

  5. Ethiopia

  6. Breakfast Blend

  7. Whiskey Barrel

  8. Hazelnut

  9. French Vanilla

  10. Costa Rica


Most popular size 12oz.

Most common grind type - Drip

Average dropship order size - $30.01 (wholesale)

Average bulk order size - $417.21 (wholesale)


Year over Year sales (SSS)- YTD + 16.4% (3 days).


Please remember that if you have any questions or need help with your store, you can email, join the weekly ZOOM or schedule consulting time for 1:1 brand help.


Weekly ZOOM call on Thursday at 1:00 Pacific - same invite as always.


Have a great Week!!

December 27, 2022


Happy New Year Drop Ship Partners!!


We hope you had a very Merry Christmas.


Remember tomorrow is our December all partner meeting.  09:00 Pacific Time.

Bryan will be discussing:  The supply chain, sales trends and continue on with ‘adding credibility to your store’.  You will also be able to get more insight into our roasting process as we will do some live roasting on our Ikawa during the meeting with the goal of helping you be more knowledgeable about the roast process and better able to talk about your coffee.

Be sure to request the ZOOM invite so that you can join us.


All products and packaging are in stock.


All fulfillment lines are getting back closer to ‘normal’ with order to fulfillment times now down to 3-4 business days.  We expect by next week to be at 2-4.


Best sellers last week:


1-3) Sample Sets of course

4) Christmas Blend

5) Breakfast Blend

6) Cowboy

7) Whiskey Barrel

8) Bali

9) Ethiopia

10) Cold Brew


Most popular size 12oz and Drip ground was most popular type (64%).


Sales continue to be strong with SSS at +34% year over year.


We look forward to spending 2023 with you and we have a lot of exciting educational material and demand specific updates in the works.


Happy New Year!


The Temecula Coffee Roasters Family





December 20, 2022

The Temecula Coffee Roasters family wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous Kwanzaa to all of our partners.


Sales remain strong and our teams are working overtime to be sure orders are moving quickly.


All lines are currently running 4-5 business days and we expect to be back to 3-5 by the 1st week of January.


All products and packaging are in stock.


Best Sellers this past week:


1-3) Sample Packs

4) Breakfast Blend

5) Christmas Blend

6) Cowboy

7) Hazelnut

8) Bali

9) Ethiopia

10) 6 Bean


Remember to join us for the monthly all partner meeting on December 28th.  09:00. The meeting will be the first of our new series focused on product knowledge and continuing to improve credibility.  We will also update you on the supply chain, our sustainability plan and selling into buyer demand.


The ZOOM invite will be available starting tomorrow -by email request only as we continue to avoid unwanted ZOOM bombers.


Have a great week!

December 13, 2022


Wow, what a great time of the year!

Orders remain at extremely high levels and we suspect that this indicates a really great 2023 for our coffee drop ship partners.

Our teams continue to process orders at record speeds with an amazingly low error rate (0.0023%).

We are running 4-5 business days on all lines with off-app and 2oz orders taking an extra 1-2 days.

All products and packing is in stock.

Best Sellers this past week (excluding samples which were 1,2&3).

1) Breakfast Blend

2) Cowboy

3) 6Bean

4) Christmas Blend

5) Bali

6) Pumpkin Spice

7) Ethiopia

8) French Vanilla

9) Cold Brew

10) Mexican Chocolate

For 2023's coffee of the month program, we will be offering some great Micro lots.

More details on each will be available and posted a month ahead.

January - Uganda - MT Elgon Washed.

February- Guatemala Natural

March - Nicaragua Organic Honey

April - Ethiopia - Organic Natural

Each of the farms in this program will have been selected for the quality of their coffee and unique story.


January Coffee of the Month: Uganda


Region: Mt Elgon

Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance, Organic Grown

Altitude: 4100-7200’

Process:  Washed and Sun Dried on Raised Beds.  Hand sorted in traditional fashion.

Varietal: Bugusu, Nyasaland


Notes:  Brown Sugar, Vanilla, with notes of lemon, raspberry, and peach. 

These family farms range in size from 2-9 HA and have been in the family for 4 or more generations.

This will be a medium- dark roast just at the start of 2nd crack.

This makes it perfect for those bean to cup machines that don't like oily beans.

Have a great week and while we have paused adding new partners, the weekly Q&A ZOOM will still be held on Thursday at 1:00 for anyone who has questions or needs help with something too complex for email.

December 7, 2022


Welcome to December!!


We hope you are thoroughly enjoying the holiday season.


Order volumes continue to be extremely high.  Sales this week surpassed those from last including the huge days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Way to go!!


Our drop ship line is running at 4-5 business days.

Bulk line is at 5 days and 2oz off app orders are at 5-6 business days.


All products and packaging are in stock.


The -COMP sku is now available and you can select Compostable packages.  Remember there is an additional charge for those bags.


K style cups are now being shipped in the all recyclable black boxes.


All packing and shipping material is now curbside recyclable too.


Best sellers this week - excluding sample packs = still # 1,2,&3.


  1. Cowboy

  2. Christmas Blend

  3. Breakfast

  4. Bali

  5. Pumpkin Spice

  6. Hazelnut

  7. 6Bean

  8. Ethiopia

  9. Blonde

  10. Cold Brew


Please, please remember to only list and sell products AFTER you upload the label.

We have a number of orders on hold because no label was assigned at the time of the order.  If you have one of these, you will have received an email notice.  We can’t ship an order without an approved label.  The 12/1 update fixed a previous gap that allowed a rejected label to hold the place and would allow orders to be processed.  Please correct these so we can get these orders out.


With us at 5 business days from order receipt to roast/ship, it is important to note that the last day we can receive an order that is highly likely to arrive by 12/24 is 12/10.  We know some orders received after that will make it but be sure your customers are aware.



2022 Holiday Shipping Dates for Contiguous U.S. (Lower 48 States)

Recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before December 25

Domestic Mail Class/Product(excluding Alaska & Hawaii)

First-Class Mail® Service

Dec. 17

Priority Mail® Service

Dec. 19



Dec 17

Have a great week and don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.


We will have our regular weekly ZOOM call on Thursday and everyone is welcome for Q&A.

Critical Reminder!

Please do not list or sell products without approved labels on file.

Orders without approved labels on file can not be processed and will result in customer's orders not being shipped.  

The only way to give you/our partners complete control is to also give you complete responsibility for your labels. 

We are seeing a large number of order issues from missing or not approved labels.

Please be sure that any sku you want to list has an approved label on file BEFORE you make it available for sale.

Thank you!!

November 29, 2022


Please be sure to request an invite to the monthly partner meeting.

Tomorrow is the last one before Christmas and we will talk about what is trending, sales volumes, and fulfillment times as well as our supply chain update.  We will also talk about next year’s coffee lots, some sustainability measures and answer any and all of your questions.


Congratulations on a great week of sales.  We are absolutely amazed at the volume of orders  We projected 33% higher than last year and incredibly, sales are up 100% - almost exactly double last year for this week.  Way to go!!


If you are not seeing great sales and need help, be sure to attend the monthly meeting as we will talk about what is working and if you need more help after that, contact us.  There are lots of options including a quick review of last month’s survey results and of course you can book some 1:1 brand consulting if you want to go deeper.  


The drop ship lines are running 4-5 business days.

Commercial (bulk) lines are running 3-5 business days with 2oz samples 4-6.

Be sure your 2oz orders have 100% ready to print labels attached to avoid further delays.


All products and packaging are in stock.


Best sellers last week:


  1. Sample sets

  2. Bali

  3. Christmas

  4. Breakfast Blend

  5. Cowboy

  6. French Vanilla

  7. Pumpkin Spice

  8. Cold Brew

  9. Ethiopia

  10. Honduras

  11. Mexico

  12. Italian


Most popular size 12oz

49% Drip Ground

34% Whole Bean

16% Coarse Ground

1% Fine Ground


Have a great week and we hope to see you at Wednesday's ZOOM meeting.


November 22th.


Happy Thanksgiving!


A lot of important info in this weeks update, I will try and be brief.


Thursday and Friday, we are closed so our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families.


Orders will be processed on Wednesday for roast, pack and ship on Monday.  We will start Saturday hours next week to help with the huge volume of orders that come in this weekend.


This week, we are running right at 2-3 business days on all orders.  With the holiday demand and short week, we expect to be at 3-5 business days for the rest of the season.


Next week is the Monthly Partner Meeting.  Wednesday @ 09:00.  The ZOOM invite will be available on Monday a.m.  Topics will include:  Supply chain update, Holiday Demand and Process info, Exciting origin, price and sustainability info for Q1 2023.


No weekly Q&A ZOOM this week due to Thanksgiving.


USPS and UPS will be +1 day starting on Monday.


The day for us to receive orders that will be highly likely to arrive by Christmas Eve is:

Dropship orders: 12/9

Direct Ship orders: 12/7


Compostable bags will be available starting on Dec 1. 

Black recyclable boxes will be used starting on Dec 1.


Remember that as a response to partner requests, all K style cup lids are now blank.  They are also 100% recyclable making the entire package and product (except coffee) curbside recyclable.


Due to incredible demand, we are extending the Media Set sale.


Consulting services will have limited appointments for the rest of the year - we are seeing great results and will expand this service starting in January.  On site appointments will re-open in the new Consulting and Design Center in February.


All products and packages are in stock.


Best Sellers last week: Lots of event orders has skewed the data.


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. 6 Bean K style cups

  3. Breakfast Blend

  4. Flavored Samples

  5. Cowboy

  6. Pumpkin Spice

  7. Single O Samples

  8. Bali

  9. Ethiopia

  10. French Vanilla


The Temecula Coffee Roasters family truly hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving.


November 15th 2022,


What a great time to be in the coffee business!!


Congratulations to all of our new partners who worked so hard to get their stores launched by today’s cut off.  Don’t worry, if you are already in the pipeline and have your app invite, you can still launch but, please have a conversation with our team about timing and what is best for your store.  Launching between Thanksgiving and Christmas may seem like a good idea but there are some issues that can negatively impact your brand.


Sales are at record highs (yes, again).


In the roastery, we are running 147% of what we were last year same time.


Thanks to our great staff and a super efficient process, order fulfillment times are still 2-4 business days on both Dropship and Commercial lines.  We do expect to hit 3-5 business days following the Thanksgiving holiday. We will continue to adjust staffing to compensate but please plan accordingly. 


We have noted a pricing formula error on our published Q3 dropship price sheet.  It only impacts 2lb bags in the Single O section.  The correction is being made both in the app and published sheets.  Sorry for any confusion.


As part of our 2023 Sustainability program, Compostable bags will be available for 12oz and 16oz orders starting on Dec 1st.  The bags we are using are Kraft in color and are zippered stand up pouches.  They are +$0.40 each.  Also be aware that all compostable products have issues.  This bag is the best we have found and as you know we spent 6 months looking at bags.  In order to get a 100% compostable bag, we have had to accept that the zipper in them is not great.  They have a better than expected barrier, a valve that is compostable,  are durable enough to tolerate shipping so the benefits outweigh the negatives on this bag.  

Sku will be -COMP for bag color and will be available on or about Dec 1st.

Best sellers last week:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Single O Samples

  3. Flavored Samples

  4. Breakfast Blend

  5. Cowboy

  6. Colombia

  7. 6 Bean

  8. Blonde

  9. Pumpkin Spice

  10. Bali


All packages and products are in stock.


Be sure to join the Thursday ZOOM with Bryan if you have questions or need help with your business in any way.


Have a great week!!

November 11, 2022

Thank you to our Veterans!

Remember that today is a shipping Holiday.

Orders processed yesterday are being roasted and packed today but will not ship until Monday.

We are still running right at 3 business days but it feels longer due to shipping side delays.



November 7, 2022


Holiday Season 2022 is now in full swing and orders are pouring in. 


Important shipping reminders:


The last day for us to receive orders that will likely be delivered by:



Drop ship orders: 11/13

Direct ship orders:  11/10


Christmas Eve:

Drop ship orders: 12/9

Direct ship orders: 12/7


Time from order receipt to roast/ship will be 4-5 business days 

Shipping times will be extended to 4-5 business days - subject to carrier changes

Help your buyers have realistic expectations.


This week, we are still running 2-3 business days on all lines but expect to be 3-4 by next week.


All products and packaging is in stock. 


The Dec. 1 price update is in the app - 'other info’ page.  For regular blends, the cost is actually decreasing from current surge prices.  This new price reflects the January shipping increase and actual costs of production for each product. 


Starting on Dec. 1:


100% compostable bags will be available.  Select them by adding in the  sku for bag color.  (+$0.40)


K style cups will also be shipped in black fully recyclable boxes making the entire pack (minus coffee) fully recyclable.


Best Sellers this week:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Single O Samples

  3. Flavored Samples

  4. Breakfast

  5. 6 Bean

  6. Cowboy

  7. Uganda

  8. Pumpkin Spice

  9. Bali

  10. Ethiopia


Feel free to join Bryan on Thursday’s ZOOM if you need any help with holiday selling or any other questions.


Have a great week!

Nov. 1, 2022


Welcome to November Drop Ship Partners.


Today marks what we consider the beginning of the Holiday Season and sales are already headed up.

September broke last months record for highest SSS and we as a company shipped 25.4% more drop ship orders in October than we did last November (traditionally the busiest month).


Demand is very strong and great stores are selling well.


A quick summary of what buyers say they want from their coffee brand.


  1. A Brand Message that I Connect With 

  2. Fresh Coffee

  3. Specialty Grade Coffee

  4. A Credible Company That Knows the Product

  5. Sustainable Packaging

  6. Price that Matches Quality


If you need help creating this type of store, join any of our meetings to bounce ideas or you can access 1:1 brand help from our consulting service.


Media Sets are available and are working great for the brands using them.  We will keep our discounted price until Nov. 15th to allow all brands who want one to take advantage of this opportunity to improve credibility and brand message.  We were running a few days behind but have caught up and they are now taking 5-7 days from order.


We have finished running all the numbers and the Q1 2023 pricing is now available.  The new price will go into effect on Dec 1 and will replace the old pricing plus surge shipping add on.  As expected, the surge shipping price is almost exactly what the January price increase will be.

We were able to negotiate some very good but fair contracts for next year's coffee lots and the resulting all in price will actually be lower on some offerings than the current.

Full pricing is available by request and will be in the app for review shortly, but in summary.

The all in Drop Ship price which includes shipping, roast to order coffee, your choice of bag colors and print on demand of your custom label will start at $13.75 down from the current $13.89.  We have modified the price tiers to better reflect actual costs of each product.

For price comparisons - we keep a competitive set the same as we recommend for you- our nearest competitor is now $10.54 plus shipping for a similar product - shipping is $6.70 for a 12oz bag which means that your competitive set is paying $17.24 for a single 12oz bag - delivered.  This gives you a powerful price advantage and allows you to aggressively compete.

By the way, the average order is 2.1 bags so to be fully transparent, this means your 2 bag order of typical blend is now $27.50 all in and the competition is $30.78.  Of course this does not include all of the add on fees they have which for the average seller works out to about $0.90/bag.  


Compostable bags will be available on Dec 1st with a new sku modifier and a +$0.40 cost.

For now, this will be available for the 12oz and 16oz and they will both be in a stand up pouch. 


Please remember that if you have a scheduled event - market, fundraiser, holiday shop or any other direct ship need that you should plan at least 3 weeks ahead.  We are currently running 2-3 business days on all lines but as we get closer to the holidays, this will stretch to 3-5.  UPS is taking 3-5 business days and you want to allow time for us to process and ship the order, UPS to damage it in transit and a replacement to be shipped.  It is uncommon but events can make or break a brand, so don’t miss an event or be short product simply due to planning.  We highly recommend that you sell at every event you can get into.  This year, there is a lot of pent up demand for in person holiday shopping and events are busier than ever.   Fall events had record attendance and sellers report great coffee sales.


Best sellers last week:


  1. Best Seller Samples

  2. Single O Samples

  3. Flavored Samples

  4. Pumpkin Spice

  5. Breakfast Blend

  6. Cowboy

  7. Bali

  8. Ethiopia

  9. Cold Brew

  10. Hazelnut


All lines are running 2-3 business days.

All packages and products are in stock.


Remember K style cup lids will be plain ringed from now on to allow stores to offer them with custom names. Starting Dec 1st K style cups will be shipped in Black recyclable boxes.  The cups are already recyclable so you will be offering a fully recyclable product - checking that sustainable brand requirement so many buyers now have.


Bryan will be hosting the weekly meeting this Thursday if you have any follow up questions from last week’s survey summary or for anything else you need.  Same invite as always and if you need it, just send a quick note.  Every Thursday at 1:00 Pacific.


Have a great week!!

October 18, 2022

Happy Tuesday!


This week we had some exciting things happening.


Media Sets went live and so many partners took advantage of them that we have not had time to complete an example to post.  We will get that up this week.  

A quick reminder.  This is an opportunity to have us do pictures and video of your products being made.  The video  content will be sent unedited and ready for you to create whatever end product you want.  Current turn around time is about 7-10 days as we catch up.


We are running 1 final test on biodegradable bags and we will have them ready for the December 1 price/offering list update.


We are testing shipping of K style cups in boxes instead of bags.  Results will be discussed at this month’s meeting.  Remember that all k style cups are recyclable and we are testing a recyclable box to help improve sustainability.


We are negotiating our last few coffee lots for Q1 and Q2 and are very excited about the quality of these coffees.


On 10/14 USPS announced the proposed price increase which if approved will result in an increase of shipping costs of about 6.5% or an average of $0.41 per bag.  This is about as expected and is very close to the current holiday premium.


Next Wednesday is the all partner meeting (last Wednesday of the month @ 09:00 Pacific).  This month, Bryan will be sharing the results of both the Fall NCA buyers survey and our own specialty grade buyer survey.  It will be a great opportunity to hear what buyers are looking for right now to be sure you are capturing the current high levels of demand.  (Demand is at an all time record). 

Other topics will include:

Supply Chain Update

New Price structure and Products for Q1 2023 - taking effect Dec 1.

Focus on improving store perception and more sustainable options.

Submit questions early to be sure there is time to have them answered.


As usual, security is tight so the invite will not be created until Monday the 24th.  Email in for a copy.

Top sellers this week:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Flavored Samples

  3. Single O Samples

  4. Breakfast Blend

  5. Pumkin Spice

  6. Bali

  7. Uganda - a single high volume store skewed this 

  8. 6 Bean

  9. Cowboy

  10. Cold Brew


All products and packages are currently in stock.


12oz Black and Kraft bags remain in tight supply - our supplier is still struggling to get valves installed and bags to us in quantities large enough to keep us in stock.  We are using both of our back up suppliers but it may take a couple of weeks for us to catch up.  Substitutions may occur.

All lines are running 2-4 business days and USPS and UPS are reporting increased volumes but are not delayed yet.


If you are a potential partner and have not yet submitted your business plan and downloaded the app, please do it soon.

We will be limiting the number of new stores to 33 between now and November 11th.


Have a great week and remember that you can join the Thursday Q&A Zoom any time - you don’t have to be new to take advantage of this time.

October 11, 2022


Happy Tuesday!


A few important reminders at the top here to be sure all of you see them.


Credibility and connection are more important than ever.  To help, we have made Media sets available and they are on sale: 


The USPS surcharge is in place and is added to each order.

12 and 16oz bags will be +$0.40.

2lb bags will be +$0.68

5lb bags will be +$2.01


The next planned price increase will go into effect Dec 1st.  Be sure you are following up your competitive set as they are already implementing holiday pricing with significantly higher costs than you have.


Orders for your in person events should be made well ahead of the need.  While we continue to run ahead of expected, give yourself 3 weeks from order to delivery.


We received the Fall Survey results and our all partner meeting will include a summary and application to your stores.  Please join us for these meetings - the last Wednesday of the month @ 09:00.


All products and packages are in stock.


Current fulfillment times are 2-4 days on all lines.


Best sellers last week:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Single O Samples

  3. Bali

  4. Pumpkin Spice

  5. Flavored Samples

  6. 6 Bean

  7. Cowboy

  8. French Vanilla

  9. Cold Brew

  10. Breakfast Blend

The incredible current demand is resulting in sales at the highest levels ever.

If you are having a hard time selling or need help, remember our weekly Q&A meetings are available to all.


You can also use our 1:1 consulting to improve sales.


Have a great week!!

October 4, 2022


Congratulations on the incredible volume of sales!


As demand continues to rise - along with costs and pricing, it is more important than ever to stay current with what buyers want.  Please be sure to join our monthly meetings, if you have questions between meetings, join a Thursday ZOOM.


We have just received the Fall buyer survey results and the Fall NCA- National Coffee Data Trends.  A summary and practical application will be the focus of this month’s meetings.


Credibility is listed as one of the key reasons buyers choose your brand.  To help with this we are offering Media Sets to help buyers visualize your brand’s production process.  This  is new and still in development to be sure it meets partner’s needs, so we are offering them at a discount for the month of October and look forward to your feedback. 


Supply Chain Update.

The incredible uptick in sales along with an already strained supply chain has resulted in intermittent shortages of bags.  Currently 12oz black bags are an issue.  Our supplier is having difficulty keeping up with our needs - specifically labor to install the valves necessary to sell fresh roasted coffee.  We have back up gloss black bags that will be used when absolutely necessary.


All other supplies and products are in stock.


We have had a significant number of requests to discontinue the use of K style cup printed lids.

The idea was to improve brand image by using the named lids but this is causing issues with brands who are renaming the products.   We will use the existing stock of branded lids and then will go back to the k2 ring only foil lids.   As always, the entire pod will be recyclable including the new foils.


We are currently negotiating coffee lots for Q1 of 2023.  As soon as this is done and we have the USPS January price increase info, we will publish the next price sheet.  It will go into effect December 1 and be valid for Q1 and Q2.  As with all of our partners, we resist increasing prices but the current COGS combined with huge increases in labor and supply costs on top of inflation will require more frequent updates to our pricing.  Buyer’s price expectation and competitors prices are both going up faster than costs and we will publish both with the Q1 update.  Be sure you are carefully monitoring your competitive set and pricing to match.  If they are not partners with us, their costs are going up considerably faster than yours.  Be sure to follow them up.  This will help you maintain good margins even as your COGS go up.


We have completed our up-staffing in preparation for the holidays and all lines are running 2-4 business days.  We do expect to be 3-5 by the end of the year but all orders are being processed way ahead of expectation this week.


Please remember to get your event orders in early and allow time for slow delivery as both UPS and USPS are already seeing volume increases.  If you have not scheduled a community event, market or pop-up please do so.  Successful brand development is almost impossible to do ‘online’ only.  This year’s pent up demand for in person events is huge and you should not miss taking advantage of local exposure and great margins from these opportunities.


Best sellers this week


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Flavored Samples

  3. Single Origin Samples

  4. Bali

  5. Pumpkin Spice

  6. 6Bean

  7. Cowboy

  8. Breakfast Blend

  9. Cold Brew

  10. French Vanilla


Have a great week!!

Sept. 27, 2020


Happy Tuesday Drop Ship Partners!!


Big news for this week


  1. This is the week we get together on Wednesday and work on our businesses together.  The monthly all partner call is 09/28 at 09:00 Pacific.  New time for the next 4 meetings to give more people the opportunity to join in.

  2. We have a great give away on our instagram account.  Follow us to be entered into our drawing for the FLAIRE Espresso maker.  A great machine and all you have to do is follow, like and tag your way to winning it. We will be adding much more content to support you in growing your coffee business.  Also a great place to find reminders and even discount codes - more about that later.

  3. The USPS surge pricing goes into effect on October 2 - it impacts everyone selling anything that is shipped by USPS.  

  4. Media sets and more brand materials will be made available starting on Oct. 1.  Join Wednesday’s meeting for more info - or follow us on Instagram. (It will also be posted here next week)


We are having a problem with our bag supplier with delays installing our valves.  There will be some bag substitutions this week in the 12oz sizes.  We are working to quickly resolve this but demand is sky high and labor is hard for them to find.  We will keep you posted.


All coffee products are in stock and we are staffing up for the holidays.

Sales for September have already surpassed last years for November (the normal busiest month). Be sure you are capturing the demand.  If you need branding help, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We have general help/advice in all of our meetings and you can get 1:1 consulting help too-


Best Sellers this past week:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Flavored Samples

  3. Single O Samples

  4. Pumpkin Spice

  5. Bali

  6. 6 Bean

  7. Cowboy

  8. French Vanilla

  9. Breakfast Blend

  10. Cold Brew


All lines are funning 2-4 business days but we fully expect to be 3-5 by this time next week.

New staff is on board and new lines are open to ensure consistent fulfillment times.


Please be sure to join the all partner meeting on Wednesday (email for the invite) or join us on Thursday for the weekly Q&A if you need anything.


Have a great week!!

Wednesday September 28th is the all partner ZOOM call.

For security reasons, the invite is made available by request starting on Monday morning.

**Reminder new time for September-December  09:00 Pacific on the last Wednesday of the month.**

September 20, 2022.


Happy Fall Dropship partners - ok, 2 days early but close enough.


The Fall flavors continue to sell well with Pumpkin Spice taking over 4th place.  


Cold Brew is still selling well and it appears that this will continue through the winter.   Buyers are replacing Iced Tea with Iced Coffee as a standard drink.  Cold brew is not just for summer anymore.


Now is the time (if you haven’t already) to add in Christmas Blend, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice and to adjust your offering list for the holidays.


We are adding new staff and new shifts early this year and will begin limiting new partners to ensure consistent fulfillment times.

You can help by ensuring that every product you sell has a label assigned before you list the product.


** Remember the USPS holiday price surcharge goes into effect on Oct. 2.**


Please continue to closely monitor your competitive set and as they increase prices, do the same.

Costs continue to increase rapidly and while we level the impacts, we can’t escape them.  By matching your competition, when we are forced to increase your costs, you will already be priced at market.  Price expectations continue to rise faster than costs so while we all hate to raise prices, buyers expect it and you can maintain margin even at higher COGS if you manage this well.

Next week is the all partner ZOOM call. 

Reminder New Time Starting in September- 09:00 Pacific.

This month, we will focus on continuing to add credibility to your brand by understanding the roast and profile process.  We will have an in-depth discussion regarding label creation and maintaining FDA compliance.  We also have a long list of questions to answer.  Be sure to get any questions/topics you would like to hear discussed by the end of the week.  The invite for this meeting is available by request starting next Monday.


All lines are fulfilling in 3-4 business days.  

Cowboy single serve cups will be shipped with blank lids due to a manufacturing shortage.  We have found a replacement supplier but there will be a 4-5 business day gap where plain lids will be used.  If you don't want to ship with these lids, please pause selling them until 09/24.

Commercial/Bulk orders will be 3-5 by the end of the week and through the rest of the year.

Be sure to get your Bulk event orders in at least 3 weeks before the scheduled event.  You want to allow time for us to fill the order, ship it, have it damaged in shipping and be replaced.  It is rare but you should plan on the worse possible scenario to avoid disappointment or very expensive last minute shipping costs.


Best sellers the last week.


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. 6 Bean

  3. Single O Samples

  4. Pumpkin Spice

  5. Bali

  6. Cowboy

  7. Whiskey Barrel

  8. Flavored Samples

  9. Breakfast Blend

  10. French

Don’t hesitate to drop an email if you have questions or need help with any aspect of your business and you can always join the weekly ZOOM call on Thursday if you have a complex question not good for email.


We have opened up more consulting appointments for brands needing 1:1 help.


We are also considering offering media sets to help with advertising.  There will be a fee to cover costs but this would include short video and photos of your product in the fulfillment process.  Let us know if this is something you would be interested in as we consider the logistics and options that would best add credibility to our partner’s sites.


Have a great week!

September 13, 2022


Happy Tuesday Drop Ship Partners!!


Please be sure you read the USPS notice below.  This impacts all of our businesses.  Increases in shipping costs are an uncontrollable part of COGS.

Our prices will reflect the added cost starting on Oct 2.  This impacts everyone who is selling on line so don’t hesitate to reflect it in your stores. 


Please be sure you are carefully monitoring your competitive set and are matching their pricing.  Food prices are up 13.5% over the past year and continue to rise with coffee at +16.2% year over year.(August 2022).


While we are able to leverage our economy of scale and efficiencies to flatten the increase, this cannot stop it.  Know that we do everything in our power to keep prices as low as possible and have cut our net profit goal to 3.8%.  


Sales remain at record levels and demand is picking up ahead of normal holiday volumes.  We expect high demand from now through the holidays.  Price expectations are matching cost increases.


We have begun adding staff and increasing production shifts. All lines are ahead of expected at 2-4 business days and we expect to be 3-5 from next week through the end of the year. 


Be sure to place your bulk orders for events and in person sales way ahead of the need.  Plan for extra time plus time for issues in shipping.  3 weeks for scheduled events is highly recommended.


Best sellers this week


  1. 6 Bean

  2. Best Sellers Samples

  3. Bali

  4. Single O Samples

  5. Pumpkin Spice

  6. Cowboy

  7. Breakfast Blend

  8. Cold Brew

  9. Flavored Samples

  10. Cinnabun 


All packages and products are in stock.

There is a looming label supply issue that will impact label stock in the next few weeks.  We will be transitioning from matte to a semi-gloss label.  Appearance will be maintained as closely as possible.  The suppliers expect this shortage to last through Q4 of this year.


This is a fantastic time to be running a coffee business.  It has never been harder  and prices have not been higher but demand continues to outpace supply.  We are excited to have all of you as partners and excited for the holiday season and all of the business growth that it will bring.


Congratulations to our new stores and welcome aboard.


Have a great week and if you have any questions, never hesitate to forward an email or join in on the weekly Q&A calls - Thursday 13:00 every week.

USPS has announced a Holiday Premium that impacts all dropship stores!

The below is the summary but the impact will be:  Starting on Oct 2, 2022 and running until January 22, 2023 the cost of shipping will increase and will be reflected in your all in COGS.  

12 and 16oz bags will be +$0.40.

2lb bags will be +$0.68

5lb bags will be +$2.01

While this is a temporary rate increase, historically it is indicative of the following year's increase and USPS has been very clear that they will be doing price increases in January and July.  

Know that we are not happy about a price increase going into the holidays either but this is a part of COGS beyond our control.

USPS Holiday Shipping Rates

Info on the temporary 2022 USPS Holiday Shipping Rate Increase (starting Oct 2, 2022) 

The USPS will implement a temporary shipping rate increase starting at 12:01 am ET Sunday, October 2, 2022 through 11:59 pm ET Sunday, January 22, 2023 for the peak holiday season.

The USPS holiday rate increase will only impact domestic shipping products. International shipping rates will not change.
Domestic rates will increase based on the distance (shipping zones) the package is traveling and the weight of the package.

  • Priority Mail Express will see an average rate increase of 2.1% during the 2022 holiday period. For packages weighing between 0-10 lbs, Commercial Base (online postage) rates will increase $0.25 for Zones 1-4 and $0.80 for Zones 5-9. For Priority Mail Express packages weighing between 11-25 lbs., rates will increase $0.75 for Zones 1-4 and $2.80 for Zones 5-9. For packages weighing between 26-70 lbs., rates will increase $3.00 for Zones 1-4 and $6.50 for Zones 5-9. All Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelopes will increase $0.75.

  • Priority Mail will see an average rate increase of 6.1% during the 2022 holiday period. For packages weighing between 0-10 lbs, Commercial Base (online postage) rates will increase $0.25 for Zones 1-4 and $0.80 for Zones 5-9. For Priority Mail packages weighing between 11-25 lbs., rates will increase $0.75 for Zones 1-4 and $2.80 for Zones 5-9. For packages weighing between 26-70 lbs., rates will increase $3.00 for Zones 1-4 and $6.50 for Zones 5-9. All Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes will increase $0.75.

  • First Class Package Service will see an average rate increase of 8.4% during the 2022 holiday period. For packages weighing up to 15.999 ounces, Commercial Base (online postage) rates will increase $0.25 for Zones 1-4 and $0.40 for Zones 5-9.

  • Parcel Select Ground will see an average rate increase of 4.2% during the 2022 holiday period. For packages weighing between 0-10 lbs, Commercial Base (online postage) rates will increase $0.25 for Zones 1-4 and $0.40 for Zones 5-9. For Parcel Select Ground packages weighing between 11-25 lbs., rates will increase $0.75 for Zones 1-4 and $1.60 for Zones 5-9. For packages weighing between 26-70 lbs., rates will increase $3.00 for Zones 1-4 and $5.50 for Zones 5-9.

Sept 6, 2022

Happy Tuesday Drop Ship Partners.


We hope you and your families had a great long weekend.


A couple of important reminders.  


All products sold must have a label on file and correctly assigned to the sku.

The new app requires that you assign the label to a sku before approval - be sure to use the UPDATE SKU button below the label.

This is very intentional to avoid issues we had with flavored coffee labels having incorrect (illegal) ingredients listed resulting in process delays and of course slowed shipping.


The app does send a notice when an order is placed without an assigned label on file but If you don’t correct this, the shipping label will be created, tracking forwarded to the app and your store and then on to your customer - but the product can’t actually be shipped.  Please don’t list or sell any products without first having an approved label in the app.


Sales remain very high but thanks to the new app, our efficient systems and our extremely dedicated staff, orders are also being shipped much faster than expected.


All lines are currently running at 2-4 business days - don’t forget that Monday was a shipping holiday so while orders are moving fast the 3 day weekend will result in slower delivery times as TCR and USPS make up for the day off and holiday’s orders.


All product and packaging is in stock.


Best Sellers last week:


  1. Best Seller Sample Sets

  2. Single O Sample Set

  3. Cold Brew

  4. 6 Bean

  5. Cowboy

  6. Flavored Sample Sets

  7. Bali

  8. Pumpkin Spice

  9. Mint

  10. Ethiopia


Please be sure you are following us on Instagram a really great give away coming up.


Thursday’s New Partner/Q&A will be at 1:00 Pacific - same invite as always.


Have a great week!!

August 30, 2020


Good morning drop ship partners and have a great Labor Day.


We will be closed on Monday so our employees can enjoy the long weekend with their families.


All lines are running 2-4 business days and you won’t see a delay (in business days) but orders will be 1 day ‘slower’ than normal due to the shipping holiday.


Sales remain strong with the largest growth in SSS during July 15th- Aug 15th  since we started tracking.  Looks like this will be a very busy Q4/Holiday season.


Please be sure you are planning out your Q4 sales activities now.  In person events are expected to be extremely popular and requests for help with event applications is higher than we have ever seen - this indicates a lot of events and a lot of excitement for buyers to attend.

Remember to plan well and allow plenty of time for your bulk orders.


Tomorrow 8/31 is our monthly all partner meeting - be sure to email and request a ZOOM invite if you want to attend.  This months meeting will be focused on getting ready for Q4, Supply Chain Update, Creating Your Competitive set and we have a ton of questions to answer.


Best Sellers this past week:


  1. Best Sellers Sample Set

  2. BBLEND K style cups

  3. Single O Sample Set

  4. 6 Bean

  5. Pumpkin Spice

  6. COLD

  7. Whiskey Barrel

  8. Cowboy

  9. Bali

  10. Ethiopia


Have a great week and as always, don’t hesitate to drop an email or join the weekly Thursday ZOOM if you need anything!!

Happy Tuesday August 23, 2020.


The APP update went smoothly with only a couple random issues that our developer fixed quickly.  Let us know if you have any issues or need help with any of the functions.  The delete label key has been added and we have alphabetized the sku list to make it a little more user friendly.


Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?  Yes, it is early and for some reason everyone is on board.

If you haven’t done it yet, its time to start thinking holiday season 2022 and get those seasonal favorites live on your site.


Best sellers this week:


  1. Best Selling Sample Set

  2. Single O Sample Set

  3. 6 Bean

  4. Cowboy

  5. COLD

  6. Bali

  7. Breakfast Blend

  8. Pumpkin Spice

  9. Ethiopia 

  10. Blonde


The team is all back in the U.S. and we have resumed all normal marketing and support services.  If you have been trying to book some consulting time to help increase sales, you will find the calendar now has a lot more available spots.  We don’t promote this service a lot but if you need help getting your company ready for launch or want to boost sales, there is not better $ spent.  We discount our fees for Drop ship partners and you can book at these lower rates:

We are now on Instagram  

Follow us for more info about our team, products and ideas to improve sales.

There is also a rumor about a great give away coming up soon!


Next week is the Monthly all partner meeting.  Topics will include:

Monthly Supply Chain/Coffee Market Update

Review of Holiday Offering Lists and Buying Trends

Creating and Monitoring Your Competitive Set

Check in on Monday to get the invite - for security reasons, we have to wait until last minute and send only via email.


Have a great Week!

August 18, 2022


Update to the APP will take place today between 14:30 and Midnight - Pacific.

Nothing you need to do but there will be a slightly new appearance - this is a change required by Shopify.  This should not impact any of the order  or fulfillment processes.  Please notify us of any issues you have (that are not resolved by Friday a.m.)




August 9, 2022


Way to go on sales this weeks.

We continue to see very strong SSS.


All products and packaging are in stock - no bag substitutions at this time.


All lines are still running well ahead of expected with fulfillment generally in 2-3 business days.


USPS shipping is as close to normal as we have seen since 2019.


Best Sellers last week:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Flavored Samples

  3. Breakfast Blend

  4. Single O Samples

  5. 6 Bean

  6. Cowboy

  7. COLD

  8. Bali

  9. French Vanilla

  10. Ethiopia


Shopify is requiring some updates to all apps so we will be doing some modifications next week.  We do not anticipate any disruptions or issues but want to let you know this update will take place on Thursday night August 18th.


Our management and marketing team gets back to the U.S. early next week and more consulting appointments will be available if you have been trying to book some consulting time and have been unavailable.  We will update the schedule on Tuesday.



Have a great week!!

August 2, 2022


Happy August Dropship Partners!


Hope you are enjoying the summer, tons of cold brew and the solid demand for great coffee.


All products and packaging are currently in stock.

We will continue to see issues until the supply chain gets back to ‘normal’ but for now, things look good.


All lines are running way ahead of expected with most orders being processed in 2-3 business days.

Both USPS and UPS seem to be running about as expected.


SSS for July were +9.6% year over year which is awesome as 2021 broke records.


Best sellers last week were:


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. 6 Bean

  3. Cold brew

  4. Single O Samples

  5. Flavored  Samples

  6. Bali

  7. African Blend

  8. French Vanilla and Mint tied

  9. Cowboy

  10. Ethiopia


If you missed this month’s all partner meeting, key takeaways:


Demand is at all time high levels, stores not seeing solid sales should evaluate themselves - you can get general help via email or schedule a fee for service brand eval from one of our pros.

Strong brand messaging is the most important thing to today’s buyer

Credibility is also important/very important to most buyers

Knowing your competitive set is key to competing 



If you have follow up questions feel free to join the weekly meeting on Thursday - email if you don’t already have the invite.


Don’t ever hesitate to forward any question by email and our team will get back to you quickly and almost always within 1 business day.


Have a great week!!

July 19, 2022

Happy Tuesday Dropship partners.

We hope you are enjoying your summer.

High temperatures and high demand are resulting in great sales of COLD and cold brew products.

We recommend continuing to promote your favorite coffee and method as it is now close to 20% of all sales.

We are running well ahead of expected on fulfillment times with all lines running between 2-3 business days.

All coffee is in stock.  We are carefully buying next season's lots and while prices remain extremely high and supply short, it does appear that most if not all of our farms will be able to meet our contracts and are projecting fair harvests next season.  We will keep you well advised when and if there are any issues.  

All other supplies remain a challenge as high prices and various shortages continue to be an issue.

We have a few bag issues this week as we await the arrival of new stocks.  

We will use a small amount of gloss white and gloss black bags for 12oz and will be forced to use some matte/clear 16oz bags.  The 2lb and 5lb remain available in gloss black only.  We expect to see intermittent issues with bags for at least the next 90 day.

We know that consistency is important and as soon as possible, we will return to normal supplies - on a positive note, bag appearance remains #7 on the list of importance with only 4% of buyers indicating that it impacts buying decisions.

Best Sellers This Week

1) Best Sellers Sample Pack


3) Single O Sample Pack

4) 6 Bean

5) Flavored Sample Pack

6) Cowboy

7) Mint

8) Bali

9) Colombia - Coffee of the Month

10) Mexico

Next week's all partner meeting will be at 1:00 Pacific (new time for Q3).  Topics will include:  Supply Chain Update, Niche Marketing, SCA Membership/Education for Credibility, Brew Methods and Buyer Education. - Email for access to this ZOOM call. -       

Much of this meeting will be directly focused at capturing sales as we are seeing record demand and is in response to very specific market demand results from both the NCA and our own buyer survey.  Buyers are telling us exactly what they want and our successful stores are proving that selling into this is working.

Have a great week!

July 1, 2022

Happy 4th of July dropship partners!

Welcome to Q3.

Reminder that Monday is a shipping holiday.

We are currently running right at 2-3 business days for fulfillment on all lines.

We are still having supply side issues with 12oz black bags.  We are using the black glossy bags until the matte arrive.

Coffee of the month reminder

July- Colombia

August- Peru

September- PNG

October- Honduras

November- Whiskey Barrel

December- Ethiopia

Best sellers this past week:

1) Best Sellers Sample Pack

2) Single Origin Sample Pack

3) 6 Bean

4) Cold brew

5) Cowboy

6) Flavored Sample Pack

7) Peru

8) Bali

9) Ethiopia

10) French Vanilla

Have a great week!

June 22, 2022


Happy Summer Drop Ship Partners.

While today is officially the 1st day of summer, the heat we have been selling tons of cold brew for months.

In January, it was 13% of cups consumed (NCA-NCDT survey 2022).

Our sales show closer to 25% the past week.

Remember that cold brew is a method, not just a type of coffee.  

Our COLD is fantastic single origin Mexico - organically farmed but if your niche prefers something darker, 6 Bean is great.  More fruity but still bold = African E. If they like light and fruity = BLOND (blonde).


For the 2nd year, we are not seeing any slowing in SSS as we hit what is typically the slow season.


Buyers continue to show that they value their brew at home, specialty grade coffee.  Price elasticity is still good and while we have a price increase (remember it goes into effect next week), you still have lower COGS than your competitive set and don’t have $200,000 invested in a Roaster.  Be sure you are pricing to match your competition and if you have been following them up, you should be well positioned already.


Next Wednesday is the all partner ZOOM call.  The invite will be available on Monday and due to ongoing ZOOM security issues, we will only provide it to partners who request it via email. Be sure to send a note after Monday the 24th.


We will discuss:

  • the impact of the survey results we discussed last month - how we take advantage of the trends.

  • the current supply chain and coffee supply.

  • getting ready for the holidays and why it starts in July

  • using the Bulk program for events, retail, and wholesale sales.

  • best practice and the top 100 stores - what is working and why

  • any questions you have



All supplies and origins are in stock - we are expecting a delay in delivery of our 12oz black bags.  If we run out before the valves are installed (that is the issue - supply side labor adding the valves), we will use our back up glossy black bags in their place.  


All lines are running ahead of expected at 2-4 business days with most orders shipping closer to 2.

Best Sellers this week


  1. Best Sellers Samples

  2. Single Origin Samples

  3. 6 Bean

  4. Cold Brew

  5. Cowboy

  6. Flavored Samples

  7. Bali

  8. Breakfast Blend

  9. MAX

  10. Ethiopia


Have a great week and we hope to see you on ZOOM next Wednesday.  Don’t hesitate to email or join Thursday’s Q&A ZOOM if you need us sooner.

June 7, 2022

Welcome to June!!

Wow, cold brew is flying out the door and customers are loving it.  We recommend offering brew recommendations and links to great cold brew products and recipes.

Sales were up (Yr over YR SSS) 12.4% in May.  Way to go.


We are seeing many of our partner stores implementing ideas that came out of the review of the buyer surveys and we recommend all of our partners considering the things important to frequent buyers of specialty grade coffee.


They want to connect to the brand message - a strong connection to the buyer is the single most important reason buyers choose the coffee they do.

They want fresh/roast to order - all of our products are roast to order and shipped the day roasted - be sure you are letting the buyers know.

They want specialty grade coffee - all of our products are specialty grade.

All products and packaging is in stock

Fulfillment times are running ahead of expected at 2-4 business days.

We are seeing faster USPS delivery times (kinda back to 'normal') 2-5 business days depending on where the buyer is located.

Best Sellers Last Week

1-3) Sample sets

4) Breakfast Blend

5) Cold Brew

6) 6 Bean

7) Bali

8) Cowboy

9) Breakfast Blend +

10) Mexican Chocolate

Have a great week and don't hesitate to drop us an email with any questions and you can Join this weeks Q&A ZOOM call if you need in depth help.


We have had some recent inquiries regarding how much is refunded when an order is cancelled.

We mirror the policy Stripe has in place and when an order is cancelled, the full balance of the order is refunded. In almost all cases this will be the original charge minus the non-refundable fees.  See Stripe's policy below.  


The only exception to this is when an order is cancelled due to an app processing error or issue on TCR or our affiliates side.  In this case, TCR assumes responsibility and will refund the entire charged amount.


There are no fees to refund a payment, but Stripe’s fees on the original payment will not be returned in case of a refund.

A large portion of the underlying cost of payment processing is driven by fees assessed by banks and payment networks (like Visa and Mastercard). These networks set rules about which fees apply for refunded payments, and in many cases banks and card networks keep the entire upfront cost of a refunded transaction. For some regions and payment types, refunded payments also incur additional fees.

May 24, 2022

Be sure to join tomorrow's all partner meeting as we discuss the results of the NCA survey and our own frequent buyer survey. We will share stats regarding trends, buyer preference and what is selling in the current market and what is projected for the rest of the year.

Email for a ZOOM invite.

All packages are in stock and currently all coffee origins are in stock.

Fulfillment times on all lines remains very quick with most orders going out in 2-3 business days.

Best sellers this week other than sample packs demonstrate some new trends.

1-3) still sample packs...

4) BBLEND Single serve pods (1 very successful store)

5) Medium Blend

6) Cold Brew

7) Cowboy

8) Bali

9) 6 Bean

10) Ethiopia


Most popular size by far continues to be 12oz.


Have a great week and hope to see you tomorrow!

May 17, 2022

Happy Tuesday Dropship Partners!!

May sales are fantastic.

Be sure to check in next week for our monthly all partner meeting.  We will be discussing latest trends and NCA survey results.  This provides great demand insights and helps with Holiday Season planning.  Due to previous security issues, the invite will be be available by email request only. 

All packages and products are in stock.

Current fulfillment time on all lines is 2-4 business days - all lines/teams are running really smooth and are way ahead of expectations.

Best sellers this week:

1-3) Sample Packs

4) 6 Bean

5) Ethiopia

6) Bali

7) Cowboy

8) Cinnabun - data skewed due to a single very successful partner launch


10) WBAR

No Thursday ZOOM this week but you can get any question answered quickly via email.

Have a great week!!

May 10,2022

A couple of updates.

1) Our expansion is almost complete and we hope to be able to start having visitors back in the non-production side of the roaster by August and our on site design center will be open at the same time.

2) We have always offered fee for service consulting but have now made it more public and opened it up to all dropship partners as well.  You can schedule a ZOOM session directly from the "Book Consultation Tab"  You can use this to improve your branding, marketing or business profitability.

All packages and products are in stock.

There are still huge issues in supply and shipping particularly of green coffee but expect minimal direct impacts until Q3.

We will keep you well updated as individual origin impacts are felt here.

All lines are still ahead at 2-4 business days for fulfillment.

We are seeing USPS delivery times back to more 'normal' at 2-5 business days.

As we finalize the Q3 offering lists, we look to you for input as to what your customers are requesting.  Final day for input will be during May's monthly all partner meeting.  

Best Sellers Last Week

1-3) Sample packs

4) 6 Bean

5) Cold Brew

6) African Blend

7) Cowboy

8) Ethiopia

9) Bali

10) Mexican Chocolate

Best selling size continues to be 12oz with market price expectations of $17.50-25.99 'all in (brand message is key).

Have a great week and don't forget that you are welcome to join the weekly ZOOM calls for any questions and we take existing partner questions first. E-mail for a secure invite.

May 3, 2022

Happy May!

Cold brew season is here and sales of course ground have taken off.

Remember, you can market and sell any coffee as Cold Brew.

We have brands with house cold brew that include 6Bean, Cowboy, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, African, Peru and Brazil.

Best coffee for your customer with long Covid GI symptoms or those with GERD is Cold Brew..

If you want our best 'low acid coffee' Bali, Half Caf and Decaf are best tolerated and a lot of our buyers are titrating Mexico and Decaf Peru to just the right mix of how much caffeine they want without stomach irritation.

The latest NCA survey is in and demand for coffee is at a 20yr high with at home consumption at record levels.

We will discuss more trends and marketing ideas at our May all partner meeting.

As the number of successful brands continues to grow, we are frequently asked "can I get more in depth training and more brand specific brand development and sales couching'?  Traditionally, we only open this to our HVP partners but we are going to add this service and the calendar to this site and the services will be available to all partners starting on June 1.  This is a fee for service arrangement and you won't hear us pushing the service but it will be available to all partners who sign up.  You can request more info about this at any time.


All packages and products are in stock.

All lines are running at 2-4 days for fulfillment.

Best sellers last week:

1) Bali

2) 6 Bean

3) Sample sets - Single O/Best Sellers

5) Cold Brew

6) BBlend

7) Sample sets - Flavored

8) Ethiopia

9) Whiskey Barrel

10) French Vanilla

We are still working on the exact size of the Q3 Price increase.  We will do everything possible to minimize the impact but you should be carefully following up your competitive set ahead of it.  

This is also the time of year we consider both removing products that are unavailable or not selling and adding those that are in demand and are trending.  Please be sure to share what your customers are asking for.

Have a great week and don't hesitate to join the weekly ZOOMs if you have questions, need set up assist or any other issues too complex for an email.

April 19, 2022

What a great week!

SSS sales last week were up 9.1% year over year.

Many of our partners had great Easter week specials.

Best sellers were:

1) 6 Bean

2) Best Sellers Samples

3) Cowboy - skewed due to a single partner's successful launch

4) Single O Samples

5) Flavored Samples

6) Ethiopia

7) Cold brew

8) Breakfast Blend

9) Whiskey Barrel

10) French Vanilla

All lines are funning 2-4 business days.

All products and packaging are in stock with continued supply chain issues.

Next week is our Monthly all partner ZOOM call on Wednesday the 27th 2:00 Pacific.  Invite available by email.

Topics will include current supply and demand updates, roast profiles and the roasting process as well as a discussion of terminology and ways to add credibility to your stores.

Have a great week!!


April 12, 2022

Happy Easter Drop ship Partners!

The numbers are in and we are now seeing 8.5% inflation with Coffee prices up 10.8%.

It is now really important to be watching your competitive set and following up their retail prices.

While we work diligently to keep costs as low as possible and limit price increases, you should be matching the market so that you have already priced it in when it does occur.  Specialty grade coffee has a lot of price elasticity, so don't be shy about maintaining your margins.

It is a great time to emphasize how much brew at home saves vs. corner coffee shop.  

The health benefits continue to be a huge selling point as well.

Best sellers last week:

1)  Best sellers samples

2) 6 Bean

3) Single O samples

4) Bali

5) Cold Brew

6) Whiskey Barrel

7) Flavored samples

8) Christmas Blend

9) African Blend

10) Breakfast Blend

All products and packaging is in stock.

All lines are running at 2-4 business days 

Shipping times are still +1 for UPS and USPS

We officially began our next expansion so that we will be ready for this year's Holiday Season.

This will double our drop ship capacity and add about 20% to our commercial lines.

Have a great week and be sure to join the weekly ZOOM call if you have questions, want to get industry insight or need help with anything related to your store.  Send an email for an invite.



April 5, 2022

Good afternoon Drop ship partners and welcome to Q2.

Sales continue to be strong with Q1 SSS @+7.2% over last year. (units sold not $)

We have modified our analysis for this as inflation continues to rise and will be around 8%.

We have not and will not have a price increase in April for Q2 but expect that we will see one by the start of Q3 as COGS continues to increase.  

Please be sure you are watching your competitive set.  We did a random sampling of 50 of our stores and found pricing was on average $2.278 lower (12oz bag) than the competitive store set industry wide.  As the competition is forced to rapidly increase their pricing to compensate for higher COGS, you should follow them up.  This will allow you to price in your cost increase before it takes effect.

Best sellers last week:

1) Single O sample pack

2) 6 Bean

3) Flavored sample pack

4) Best sellers sample pack

5) Whiskey barrel

6) Cold brew

7) Mexico

8) Breakfast blend

9) Ethiopia

10) French Vanilla

All lines are currently running @ 2-4 business days for fulfillment with most orders in 2-3.

Shipping times are still +1 for USPS and UPS due to high volumes and COVID impacts.

All products and packaging is currently in stock.

Remember to join a weekly ZOOM call if you have any questions or need help that can't fit in an email.

Have a great week!


March 30, 2022,

Unfortunately, our ZOOM call this week was posted to a twitter account for those wishing to disturb private meetings.

We will be forced to modify our process for future meetings and will reschedule this meeting.

Please check in via email for a private invite.




March 29, 2022

Happy Tuesday!  Hopefully there are some Tacos in your near future!!

Last week of March and what a great month it has been. 

SSS month to date are +5.85% and look to be going higher in April despite the economic challenges around us all.

April coffee of the month is Uganda remember to watch your orders if you are using the "month" sku and as soon as all orders are shipped, it will be time to upload the new label.

We are very excited about April.  We begin our expansion next week, new roaster arrived yesterday.

This will double our drop ship capacity and  allow us to reopen our cupping room and design center (both converted to shipping to help with the huge increase in orders over the last 2 yrs).  We are hopeful that the state's remaining COVID restrictions will be lifted by the time construction is finished and we can get back to doing classes, cuppings and tours.

All lines are running well ahead of expected with most orders shipping in 2-4 business days.

USPS and UPS maintain +1 days on most services due to COVID and labor shortages.

All origins and packages are in stock.

Best sellers last week:

1) 6BEAN


3-5) Samples Sets



8) French Vanilla

9) Cowboy

10) WBAR

Our projections for higher prices and more severe shortages of green coffee for the next 18-24 months has been extended and we expect to see issues related to the dramatic decrease in fertilizer supply (Russia is the #1 supplier of fertilizer for coffee).  This along with existing supply issues will continue to put pressure on the severely limited supply that will impact the market for 18-36 months.

Join the monthly meetings as we talk more about how we source coffee, ethical trading practices and more about the supply and pricing side of your coffee businesses. Invite below .

Also remember that you can attend any weekly meeting and talk directly to our ownership team.

Temecula Coffee Roasters is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Dropship Partner Meeting - TCR

Time: Mar 30, 2022 02:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Have a great week!!

March 22, 2022

Welcome to Spring.

For those of us in the Southwest, it is full on cold brew season!

Cold Brew, African E, Blonde, Mexico and Nicaragua are current favorites.

All products and packages are in stock.

All lines are currently running 2-4 business days for fulfillment.  Over the next month or so, you will see this shorten as our expansion outpaces demand. This just means you will need to be sure to be very quick with order modifications as once an order is printed, it can't be changed.

Best sellers last week:

1) 6 Bean

2) Cowboy

3) Cold Brew

4) African E (MONTH)

5-7) Sample sets

8) Bali

9) Med Blend

10) French Vanilla

Remember to join a weekly ZOOM if you have any questions or want more 'in person' support.


Temecula Coffee Roasters is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Weekly New Partner Meeting.
Time: Mar 24, 2022 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 828 8739 8897

Passcode: 856994

Have a great week!

March 15, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

As you have noticed by now, we have been working on updating our website with more partner support features.  We will be adding in more content as we go.

Hopefully you have all gotten ready for spring and Cold Brew season.  Remember, any coffee can be brewed cold.  We highly recommend the TODDY system and course ground coffee.

We just received notice that our next new roaster has shipped and we are expanding as we get ready for Holidays 2022.  More news to come but as our long term partners will tell you, with our growth, we have become more responsive, more competitively priced and totally focused on providing you what you need to be successful.

All of our partners are welcome and encouraged to use our weekly ZOOM calls to ask questions or get help and our Monthly calls will be even more in depth and provide more specific info targeted at supporting your stores.

Best sellers Month to date:

1) 6 Bean

2) Flavored Sample Pack

3) Single O Sample Pack

4) Cowboy

5) Cold Brew

6) Best Seller Sample Pack

7) Bali

8) Breakfast Blend

9) French Vanilla

10) MONTH- African Blend

Have a great week and don't hesitate to email or join the ZOOM if you have questions or need help!


March 1, 2022

Spring is only 20 days away so it's time to start working on your Springtime coffee offerings.

Mint, caramel and hazelnut are the most popular flavored.

Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Cold Brew and Blonde will likely lead in sales.

All products and packages are in stock.

Drop Ship line A is running right at 3-4 business days.

Direct line is at 4 business days.

Exciting things happening in March.

We are updating our retail site to offer all of our drop ship coffees and more sample choices - look for it to go live by the end of the month.

Monthly partner meeting will include PK class on roast levels and we will share some behind the scenes roast profile info and will talk about how we chose what coffee to buy and how we know what roast is best.

This week's new partner meeting will also include the latest label design and package appearance info.  Join in if you need help with your labels, have any other questions or want to bounce ideas off of staff.

Temecula Coffee Roasters is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Weekly New Partner Meeting PLUS Label Design and Package Appearance Class.

Time: Mar 3, 2022 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 828 8739 8897

Passcode: 856994


Have a great week!

February 22, 2022.

Happy Tuesday!

We are continuing to see sales increases in both warm weather and bean to cup offerings.  Blonde and 6Bean in whole bean are at the highest levels since the holidays.


SSS are up +9.75% and yes, that is volume not $$ as many have asked.  

Green coffee supply continues to be tight with pricing the highest since 2011.

Tomorrow is the last Wed. of the month, so be sure to join us for the monthly all partner ZOOM call.

We will be discussing sales, supplies and will have an in-depth review of label design and package appearance as well as the usual Q&A.

Have a great week!

Temecula Coffee Roasters is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Dropship Partner Meeting - TCR

Time: Feb 23, 2022 02:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)



Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 813 2278 2414

Passcode: 706009

Remember that Monday Feb. 21st is a shipping holiday.   Shipping times will reflect +1 business days.


February 15, 2022

We hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


While the weather is still cool, we are already seeing an uptick in sales of Cold Brew and African Blend (our 2 most popular offerings for iced and Nitro).

Last weeks SSS continue to increase @ +9.5%

All products are in stock with a pending shortage of our normal 5lb bags.  Supplies are incoming but if we run short, we will substitute a 5lb stand up.

All lines are running ahead of expected at 2-4 business days.  USPS pick ups continue to be earlier in the day meaning some orders are taking +1 to leave our facility.  (we roast and pack all day so if they pick up at 10:00, the rest of that day's orders go out the next day).  We should now accept this as the new norm.  Both USPS and UPS are at +1 day on delivery times.

Remember that our buyers expect reliable delivery times, not fast- so please provide good delivery expectations on your sites.

Best sellers this week:

1) Best Sellers Samples

2) Bali

3) Single O tied with Flavored Samples

5) Ethiopia

6) Cold Brew

7) 6 Bean

8) Blonde

9) African Espresso

10) Hazelnut


New partner and existing partner Q&A/Small group ZOOMs are available every Thursday if you need help with anything.

Have a great week!!



February 8, 2022

This week, we are doing our first class in the series.  It will be:  Label Design/Compliance and Package Appearance.

Send a request for a ZOOM link if you would like to join.  It will be partner/potential partner only.  This class will help you quickly design compliant labels and we will also share info on what is selling and what is not in regards to design/packages.

Last week sales were up an average of 9% over last year (SSS).

Best sellers across all stores (not necessarily what your niche will buy but some general info on trends).

In order by $$ sold

1) Bali

2) Single O Sample Set

3) Best Sellers Sample Set

4) Breakfast Blend

5) Flavored Sample Set

6) African Espresso

7) 6Bean

8) Cowboy

9) Cold Brew

10) Blonde

All coffee and packaging is in stock.

We have just finished securing lots for Q2 of 2022.  Supplies are extremely tight and shipping delays mean our competitive sets will likely be struggling to maintain supply.  We expect to see a 5% price  increase (in the competition) so keep a close eye on your competitive set so that you are competitively priced.   Don't be underpriced in this market. 

All lines are running 3-4 business days with orders being delivered an average of 3 business days ahead of expected.

Remember from our data set that specialty grade roast to order coffee drinkers want reliable shipping be sure you are clear with your shipping policy (they also know that roast to order takes time and that coffee hits it's peak 10-14 days after roasted).  Clear expectations are far more important than just 'fast'.  Please be sure to use this. 

Frequent buyers value roast to order as an additional $1.675 over regular specialty grade coffee.  Advertise what you sell to take advantage of this.

Weekly Zoom calls are on Thursdays if you have questions or need help growing your brand.

Have a great week!


February 1, 2022.

Happy February drop ship partners.

We are still experiencing steady increases in demand and SSS.  Way to go!!

All products and bags are in stock.  We are seeing some shortages of some origins but we expect that to be the case for all of 2022.

While we have not had an out of stock coffee since 2017, we do expect to see some this year.  We will keep you well updated so that you are able to act if/when they occur.

We are offering a label design and compliance ZOOM next Thursday.- 14:00 Pacific   Let us know if you would like to attend and we will forward an invite.

This will only be open to partners and potential partners.

All lines are running at 3-4 business days and most orders are being received well ahead of expected.

Never hesitate to email if you have questions.

Have a great week!

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