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Updated: Aug 22

With Father’s Day coming up and I begin to think of what to get my dad to show my appreciation for him, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share my cold brew recipe with him, and the world. He loves coffee, and perhaps his love for coffee was the reason I am in the position I am in today (working at an awesome coffee roastery). If it wasn’t for his batch brews of Dunkin pre-ground coffee, or his single serve Keurig brews throughout my high school experience, I may not have gotten into the coffee business altogether. So, as you gear up for Father’s Day and reflect on everything your father has done for you, consider sharing him this recipe, or even better, making this recipe for him!

After going to numerous coffee shops, Starbucks (gasp), and even grocery stores for various types of cold brews, I just was not satisfied with the beverages I received. I thought to myself “Self, surely there is a way to make good cold brew”. Many seasoned coffee professionals scoff at the idea of cold brew, and many casual coffee enjoyers care less about the cup quality of a cold brew. Since I could not find a single good brew guide out there, I wanted to come up with a definitive brew guide to incredible cold brew that isn’t a concentrate to be diluted. I also wanted this recipe to be a good jumping off point for being able to tweak to light coffees all the way to dark roasts. This recipe has taken me over a year to develop, so I hope you enjoy.

Here is the goodness.

What you will need: Temecula Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Coffee Beans, Purified Bottled water, Coffee Grinder, Brewing container (Tupperware, Large Bottle, etc.), Strainer, Small Spray Bottle of Water, Spoon, Scale, Fridge, and Thirst for amazing Cold Brew.

Approx. Time: 24 Hours

1. Weigh out 300 grams of Temecula Coffee Roasters “Cold Brew” coffee beans.

2. Spray the beans 4 times with a small spray bottle of water. This act of spraying beans before grinding them is called RDT or Ross Droplet Technique. This step will help cut down on the amount of static that will occur in the grinding process. Making it a lot less messy of a process.

3. Grind the coffee on a 30 Setting on a Baratza Encore. (Please refer to the photos below this post to approximate the grind size for your own personal grinder.) Grinding this amount of coffee takes me about 3-4 cycles on my encore. Just don’t overwork your machine.

4. Pour grinds into whatever vessel you have. I use a 3.7L or 15.7 cup Rubbermaid Tupperware bowl. This will perfectly fit my whole recipe here.

5. Once you have ground the coffee and put the grounds into the vessel you will be using, pour 3000 ml of room temperature purified water onto the grounds (Save the gallon water jug you use to pour the finishing product into later!). Be sure to fully saturate the grounds in your pouring process.

6. Now, use a spoon to press down the beans to make sure they are all fully saturated with water.

7. Cover with a lid and leave in the fridge for 24 hours.

8. At some point around the halfway point, take the brewing vessel out of the fridge and gently mix the grinds into the water one more time to ensure adequate and even extraction.

9. After 24 hours, take the brewing vessel out of the fridge and use a fine mesh sieve to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee. Then, discard the grounds. (I like to put them in a gallon Ziploc and toss them in the trash so that the excess juice does not spill in you can causing a mess. You can also use them in your compost or sprinkle the spent grounds around your garden as a natural fertilizer).

10. Now transfer your strained cold brew into a gallon jug or a glass growler for storage. (Optionally you can filter the brew again through a v-60 filter or a cloth coffee sock, but I find that to get rid of a lot of the body that I find desirable in a cold brew). Store in fridge.

11. Finally, shake well before serving over ice, optionally with your milk or creamer of choice!

I really hope you can share this recipe to your dad to save him from the heat while he is mowing the lawn or doing other dad things outside. I also hope you save yourself some money by taking advantage of the sale we have running on our website at Temecula Coffee Roasters. You can get 20% off our Cold Brew, Wine, and Whiskey Barrel Aged coffees. These coffees are the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. Just use code:FATHERSDAY to save on these delicious beans.

Happy Brewing!

- Mac Gooden

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